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What does MOT do?
MOT* is a life skills concept which aims to improve the social environment and basic quality of life of young people, by teaching them vital life and social skills in diverse environments. MOT works both for and together with the youth.
The main objective of MOT is to promote the development of strong young individuals within a safe and natural environment.
MOT offers a comprehensive model for how the local municipality can work together with its young members. This model consists of programmes designed to improve contact with young people at secondary and upper secondary schools as well as encompassing the arena of their leisure time activities. By the means of youthful interaction, exercises, stories, dialogues and role-plays young people become more conscious of the importance of making their own decisions, taking care of each other and showing courage.
In 1997, MOT was founded by Norwegian top athletes. The two main pioneers were the speed skaters Atle Vårvik and Johann Olav Koss.
MOT’s 28 employees coordinate ca 4400 local representatives in Norway who are responsible for organising MOT activities at the local level in their respective municipalities. Ca 65 000 youth take part in the MOT programmes in Norway**.
In 2008, MOT South Africa was founded. ( ) The organisation has four full time employees who coordinate about 265 local representatives. Ca 11 500 youth take part in the MOT programmes in South Africa.
In 2013, MOT Denmark was founded. The organization has 2,5 full time employees and the MOT programme was introduced in the first school in Denmark in January 2014. Per April 2016 there are 18 schools and ca 4050 youth taking part in the MOT programme.
Late 2015 MOT Thailand was founded. The MOT programme is running 60 schools for ca 1360 youth.
In February 2016 MOT Latvia is founded. The Country Manager starts full time from 1st May 2016.
* The Norwegian word “MOT” means “COURAGE”.
**All figures per April 2016.
THE MOT philosophy
MOT’s vision
A warmer and safer society
MOT’s core values
·         Courage to live
·         Courage to care
·         Courage to say no
MOT’s principles
·         Work proactively
·         See the whole person
·         Reinforce the positive
·         Give culture-builders responsibility
For information about MOT globally, visit here.

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