MOT Thailand = PASSION

The last week MOT Thailand has arranged two basic educations for new schools, MOT-coaches and School leaders (25 new associates in Nongkhai and 30 new associates in Udon Thani). Geir, Sigrun and I represented MOT Global, and we also had the great pleasure to take part in the Enthusiast Gathering for MOT-coaches from last year and from two years ago. Three big events arranged in a great way by a team with very small resources. We are really impressed over the team in MOT Thailand. Country manager Yai and Core activities manager Pla have together about 30 % year salary, and rest of their action the do free. They have an amazing group working with them. They are using their holiday for MOT. They all work for free, and their salary is robust youth, who includes all – and a warmer and safer society. They are really professional enthusiasts.

Last Sunday we also had a Reflection day with Chairman Prakob, the board and the management of MOT Thailand. It’s really inspiring to listen to Prakob and his visions about spreading MOT to whole Thailand. He has a big network and he is already talking with leaders in Bangkok and Phuket. It is about 70 million people living in Thailand 🙂



Leaders from the provinces, communities and departments were also guests in part of the basic educations. The education minister (sitting to left in the Picture) came from Bangkok to learn more about MOT.  «We want to be a part of MOT» was the statement from several of the leaders.

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