MOT Changed My Life

Yesterday I took part in the “Inspiration Event for MOT South Africa” in Cape Town. What a day!!! The Youth on the stage took the breath away from all of the 150 MOT Presenters and all of the other MOT Enthusiasts who took part in this event. The way the young people were talking about how MOT has changed their lives made me cry several times. I’m impressed by the way the MOT SA Team is working and the amazing results they have achieved. MOT makes a really big difference for the youth in South Africa. You can read some of the comments from students who have had MOT over three years at their college:

  • MOT changed my life. I am behaving better. I realise that I’ve learned something from MOT about achieving goals and that motivated me to try again.
  • MOT helped me to change my life style and to be a strong woman.
  • MOT has change my life, I really enjoyed this programme. Now it is time for me to focus on bigger picture and do more for my future, because our future is in our hands.
  • MOT has brought a huge change in me. I’m a new different person. MOT is a life changing programme.
  • MOT has motivated me in so many ways in life and changed me a lot.
  • MOT has been a great and a life changing experience for me.
  • I look at my life differently since MOT has started.
  • MOT lifted my spirit, boosted my confidence, made me aim high in life for myself, and made me feel like a different person in a good way. Where by it made me believe I have a purpose in life and it made me more focused and follow my goals. I would like to say keep up the good work you guys are doing across the globe you are changing lives.
  • I didn’t know anymore what I wanted to be in life. But then MOT came in and everything changed in me. I told myself that I want to start my own business one day and MOT told me that if you’re just believe in yourself, then you can!
  • MOT helped me to believe more in myself, picked me up and gave me courage to live. Ever since it came into my life I’ve never stopped dreaming.
  • I am thankful that MOT came into my life. I now have the courage to live my life having learnt from mistakes and keep my head held high.
  • The 3 years with MOT was the big experience of my life. The key word for us was “respect” and that we should respect one another. We changed after we started with MOT. We used to be the challenging class and more of us were expelled. We ended up with something different; with a new life and a new page. When we wrote exams all of us passed. And the reason for that was that each and everyone had a MOT pen and we looked at that pen and told ourselves that we have the courage, we can do it.
  • Dear MOT, I am a 20 year old man. I feel like I am very grateful to be a part of your programme. From the past couple of years I didn’t know where I was going, I was taking things lightly, but now that I attend your sessions I know how to set up my goals, I have a dream to follow, I am more confident about myself. I can now encourage other people to follow their dreams. I am motivated, I am more responsible for myself, I care about people, I can motivate and encourage people.
  • MOT has developed myself, I see things different now and I take my studies very seriously. I used to think I cannot do better and that I am useless. I almost gave up on studying when the college kicked me off because I did not get a bursary to pay my funds and my parents could not afford to pay for me, but MOT made me to realise that it is not the end of the road I can still apply to other colleges. Look at me now, I am studying chasing up my dream to become a carpenter. THANK YOU MOT you guys are the best!!!

In the end of the inspiration day Tim McBride from the FET Institute – University of the Western Cape, had a presentation of the MOT Research Results. Over three years they have done research on MOTs impact on the students. They finished it in February 2015. 462 responders from five colleges. Amazing, amazing and amazing are the three best words I can find. One of the results is even that 40 % less students take illegal drugs after three years with the MOT Programme. Here you can see three of the slides he presented. Congratulations MOT South Africa;

Ildsjelsamling_SA_mars2015 (3)

Ildsjelsamling_SA_mars2015 (4)

Ildsjelsamling_SA_mars2015 (2)









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